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Chimney Construction

Our chimney sweeps are industry certified and very knowledgeable.

Photo of chimney mason building a chimney.

Whether you’re building a new home, or seek to enhance your existing home and heating system withnew chimney construction, our team looks forward to serving you.

Since 2003, the Crown Chimney Team has been keeping our New Hampshire neighbors safe and warm by building and maintaining chimneys that provide the cost-effective value of practical functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.  More than a slogan, “All Things Chimney” defines the essence of our craft and our calling.  We deliver excellence in chimney construction and maintenance for our New Hampshire neighbors.

Chimney Materials

We build with traditional masonry materials as well as prefabricated materials, to create several chimney types and styles:

  • Brick Chimneys
  • Stone Chimneys
  • Block Chimneys
  • Metalbestos Chimneys
  • Prefabricated Metal Chimneys

Chimney Styles

Whether you desire a chimney that complements your home’s style, or you’re unsure where to begin, simply give us a call.  Our chimney design professionals and masonry specialists will ask you the right questions to help you identify the best option for your home and style.  From brick to block, and stone chimneys to prefabricated metal chimneys, you can count on our vast experience.

New Hampshire’s Chimney Builders

Our team is proud of the many referrals we receive from delighted clients who’ve entrusted us to build and maintain their chimneys.  Our wide portfolio of projects is testament to the quality and value of our services, and the long-standing relationships we’ve developed with our New Hampshire customers.