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Chimney Refacing

Our chimney sweeps are industry certified and very knowledgeable.

Photo of chimney refaced with stone.

Crown Chimney refacing services can transform your chimney into the aesthetic focal point of your home.   We reface both the interior and exterior of chimneys and fireplaces, and are happy to be part of your remodeling projects.

The refacing process involves installing either a stone veneer or a faux stone, which is prefabricated mortar designed to look like stone, to cover your existing brick masonry chimney.

A key advantage of stone is the water protection it provides.  Stone is like a natural waterproof covering or barrier that protects your existing brick masonry from moisture that can damage it.

Transform Your New Hampshire Chimney with Stone Refacing

Our experienced New Hampshire chimney design professionals can help you achieve the look you desire, and complement or highlight the style of your home.   Choose from a wide variety of stone colors, textures, shapes, and styles of stone refacing.

Call us to discuss the best option for your home, and to review our portfolio of successful chimney refacing projects that we’ve performed for homes throughout New Hampshire.