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Chimney Flashing

Our chimney sweeps are industry certified and very knowledgeable.

Flashing is weatherproof shielding designed to prevent the intrusion of water into your home, as well as prevent animals from getting into your attic.  The resulting damage from a chimney flashing leak can cost you much more than a professional chimney flashing repair or installation.  Deteriorated flashing often leads to mold and stained walls.

Crown Chimney has years of experience with installing a professional-grade chimney flashing repair system called FlashSeal® to effectively achieve roof and chimney repair and stop chimney flashing leaks due to deteriorated flashings around chimneys, stacks, vents, sills, and roofs.  

FlashSeal® is a long-lasting chimney flashing repair system designed to stop chimney flashing leakscaused by faulty or deteriorated flashings. A professional FlashSeal® application is like installing a custom-fit waterproof boot at the base of your chimney, and carries a 7-year warranty.

What is the Cost of Chimney Flashing Repair?

The cost of chimney flashing repair depends on factors such as chimney size, roof issues, condition of the current flashing, and more.  Crown Chimney offers quality flashing repair at competitive prices, and is happy to provide you with an on-site estimate.