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Why Choose Crown Chimney?

Whether you need a chimney cleaning or more involved chimney maintenance, finding the right company to do the job is key. Since smoke and delicate structures are involved, it can get dangerous quite quickly if you do not rely on the right company to perform chimney repairs. We at Crown Chimney are proud of our work, and believe you should hire us for your next chimney repair or cleaning. The following are some reasons you should give us a call.


Crown Chimney has been around for quite a while. We started in 2003, and have helped clean plenty of chimneys since. Not to mention we have proper training on our side: our founder and president, Bryan Brouillard, is an experienced volunteer firefighter and nationally certified chimney service technician. You are in good hands when you enlist our services!

Variety of Services

Chimneys are our main focus, but we can help clear out other smoke-filled places. If you need help with a stove, we can offer assistance for that as well. Plus, in addition to maintenance, we offer cosmetic repair for your chimney. We can add seals and coating to a chimney if necessary. Our main concern is that your chimney remains both safe and beautiful.

Strong Customer Service

We believe in being attentive to all of our customers’ needs. We understand how important good customer service can be, so we make it a point to communicate with you and ensure your needs are made during chimney maintenance. Our staff is friendly and ready to assist you!

Full Protection

In addition to our staff’s collective experience, we are conscious and protected in another way. We are fully insured, so you can be positive that our services are covered well enough to assist you if any emergencies occur.

These are just some of the factors that make Crown Chimney a quality company to invest time and money into. So, when you require some chimney maintenance, give us a call at 1-(603)-587-0788. We’re happy to help!